Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A New Semester Begins

I'm coming to segamat a.k.a segar amat on 4Th July to continue my study as part 3 student. kinda weird because i think its too fast and i hate being old. but its a bonus because i suddenly become a senior. its not super senior but i think its ok because there will be "kepada pelajar part1 sila ke ......... kehadiran adalah wajib" in announcement and I'm not including it. okay. things begin as i arrived at segamat at 10am and do hostel registration. its worst as i known that I've got the same room when im part 2. it is because its located at level 3 which means that i have to climb about 80 stairs at one times. plus i brings a lot of things and i have to go up and down about 3 times as i remember. but, doesn't matter la.. i take it as exercising. talking about the new one as i enter the hostel is that the building where start ti show a colours. huhu. Intan were purple,yellow smk,green sab and zamrud? supposedly its pink but i don't see the pink yet. hope it will be pink soon. as i enter room z321c i saw the same as the last semester. but.. its changed a bit. eh. i forgot. I've got roommate this semester. no wonder one side of the room is full and mine where empty because i didn't start putting things on. by the way she's part 1,from Skudai JB and she's nice.