Tuesday, August 3, 2010

my subject this semester.

hye again.. now i'm part 3 as a diploma in information management student. this semester i take about 7 subjects. it is imd201 access to information, imd202 promotion of information product and services, imd203 support services and maintanence, , IMD 255 Technical Support and Services in information agencies. All this subject are related to our course, information management. the other subject is bel311BEL 311 for English subject, CTU 264 for Islamic Information Management and Co-curriculum subject is hbu132 civil defence.

first, imd201 my lecturer who teach me this subject is Mr Mohammad Ismail Bin Pahmi. this subject is quite similar with imd101 but the different is imd 201 is more detail and complicated. for me this subject is quite tough and i need to struggle to get a+ in this subject. sir ismail very understanding and i hope i will get at least a for this subject.

imd 202 i think is the most interesting subject. this is because we learn about promotion and marketing which is one of the kind. i really enjoy learning this subject. my lecturer for this subject is Mrs Rashidah Mohamed. she is nice lecturer and i enjoy at her class. my target is to get an a+ in this subject. this is because i like the subject that use my communication skills. i think this subject can make me go far to achieve my dream job.

imd 203 is about personal computer maintanence. this subject did not have final paper but i does'nt mean we have to relax. actually for me this subject is quite tough. it is because we have to think technically and i'm the kind of person that is not really good in technical. but i think it is not a big deal because i still have support from my classmate and my lecturer Imd 203:Cik Nuur-Ila bt Mat Kamal. she is really understanding and sporting lecturer and i really happy to come for this class. hope i can get s in this subject.

in imd255 we learn about the department that has inside the library. we also learn how to manage document inside the library. our lecturer for this subject is Mrs Nor Diana. before work as lecturer she is a librian and i think she is perfect to teach this subject and i really can understand this subject. futhermore, mrs diana is friendly person and she like if we ask question in her class so that she know that we understand what she teach in class.

for bel311 we learn about english. the interesting part is when we learn how to pronounce the words correctly. my lecturer for this subject is sir Izwan b. Ismail. he is very strict and punctual person and from him i learn about deciplined and cooperation. i think without decipline we cannot be a good student even good workers.

in ctu 264 we learn about islamic information management. it is about how to manage the sources about islam. this subject is really interesting because we will find the miracle of islam and why we need to learn about islam in our life. my lecturer for this subject is Ustaz Saidin b Zakaria. he is very gentle and understanding person. we glad that he is teaching us this subject.

lastly, my co subject is civil defence. i really like this subject because we learn about safety,medical, and first aid. i like when we do simulation about how to save victim in natural disaster such an earth quake. it is quit challenging and it is also thought us how to be a good rescue team.


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