Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The memory of ramadhan

Ramadan is on the ninth month of the Islamic year. It is believed that the month of Ramadan was that of which Muhammad received the first word’s of Allah, the Qur’an.There are many reasons for Muslims to fast, mainly to stay true to their God and religion. Muslims are to obey Allah’s injunction. One of his injunctions is: ‘O you who believe, siyam is prescribed on you as it was prescribed to those before you so that you may become self-restrained.’

Fasting is also to practise the religion and learn to attain piety. To reach this, five daily salaat is compulsory, Zakat-ul fitr must be paid, prayers are to be said in both the evening and night of Ramadan, smoking must be stopped, pornographic videos and pictures are to be kept away and excessive intake of food is avoided. To get the full reward of the Night of Power and to show Muslims how to get their past sins forgiven are also reasons why Muslims do Ramadan fast. Fasting begins at dawn, the start of the Salatul Fajr time, on everyday of the month, and ends at sunset, Salatul Maghrib.

This year of Ramadhan is the second year i have been fasting at my campus at Segamat. What i like about this precious month is that i think fasting i the one way to lose weight. Haha. To me it is. furthemore, some of my friend think that they love ramadhan because there were lot of delicious food we can get at bazar ramadhan which almost like night market. when i was little my mom always taught us to fasting. i start when i was 6 years old. althought i was small that time i was able to fasting the whole month. now, what the most important to me that i will always can create a lot of "pahala". i will always that the great Allah will bless me,my friend and all muslims in this world.

My Roommates

It is normal to someone who live in hostels is to have a roommates. I am also have a roommates since i enter this university. When i in part 1 i use to have 2 roommates. One of them is the girl from Subang Jaya. Her name is Wan Nur Lyana binti Yusof. On the first day i met her i think she was arrogant but after we knowing each other she was totally friendly. I adore her because she was pretty. She has long black silky hair and also the fair skin.

Next is Nor Suziyante binti Suliman. She is my roommates when i was in part 1. She is from Batu Pahat. She has a little skinny body. She like to make me laugh. I assume she and Lyana as my sister because we like to share story and problem together. the best memory i have with them is that although we were now at part three they still come to and make a surprise party for my birthday. I love them so much. I hope our friend ship will last forever.

Now i am at part three. I have i roommate from part 1. Her name was Raja Durratun Safiyah. Her height is just about mine. She was a girl from johor bahru. When i was first time saw her i thought she was a silent person. But when we knowing each other now i think she is friendly. It is nice to have her as my roomate because when i was in part two i use to live alone and does not have roommate. That time i feel lonely but now i guess im not. I think whoever your roommates is we have to appreciate he or her because we were able to shared aroom and make friends with others.