Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Roommates

It is normal to someone who live in hostels is to have a roommates. I am also have a roommates since i enter this university. When i in part 1 i use to have 2 roommates. One of them is the girl from Subang Jaya. Her name is Wan Nur Lyana binti Yusof. On the first day i met her i think she was arrogant but after we knowing each other she was totally friendly. I adore her because she was pretty. She has long black silky hair and also the fair skin.

Next is Nor Suziyante binti Suliman. She is my roommates when i was in part 1. She is from Batu Pahat. She has a little skinny body. She like to make me laugh. I assume she and Lyana as my sister because we like to share story and problem together. the best memory i have with them is that although we were now at part three they still come to and make a surprise party for my birthday. I love them so much. I hope our friend ship will last forever.

Now i am at part three. I have i roommate from part 1. Her name was Raja Durratun Safiyah. Her height is just about mine. She was a girl from johor bahru. When i was first time saw her i thought she was a silent person. But when we knowing each other now i think she is friendly. It is nice to have her as my roomate because when i was in part two i use to live alone and does not have roommate. That time i feel lonely but now i guess im not. I think whoever your roommates is we have to appreciate he or her because we were able to shared aroom and make friends with others.


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