Sunday, October 17, 2010

10 facts about me

For this blog entry i will tell about 10 facts about me that usually people don't know.

1. I do not have favourite colours.
This is because for me all colours are beautiful. Some people tend to buy their stuff according to their favourite colours. But for me i will glad to see my stuff have all colours. People my think that i am weird but that is me. That's why i will become speechless when people ask me about my favourite colours.
2.I cannot fall asleep without hugging my "special pillow".
huhu. I have to admit this. Without my special pillow i will not able to sleep.
Even if i want to travel i must bring it together with me. I cannot change it because it has been a habit since i young. I always being teased by my family because of this but it has been normal to me. The important is that i will able to get a comfortable sleep.

3.If i want to eat it must have a gravy
yeah, this is really i need if i want to eat rice. This is because i feel hard to swallow a food when there is no gravy.

4. I do not watch horror movie
This is because i will imagine about the ghost will appeared in front of me. Furthermore, when i watching horror movie i cannot able to fall asleep at night and i need someone to accompany me.

5.Sometimes forgetful
This is me. I will not able to remember many things in a day. I must have a list.When i wanted to do something like shopping i must have a list. If not i will buy the thing that i should buy or i will use my money buy others thing that i should not buy and it will waste my money.

6.Fear of insects and cockroaches
I really cannot bear with cockroaches. This is because when i was about 7 years old there was a cockroaches go inside my school uniform before i go to school. I scream and cry badly. After that until now i still cannot throw away the fear.

7.Interest in people who have big eyes
I don't know really about this but i like people who have big eyes and look fierce. Maybe because i have small eyes.

8.Music and karaoke is my soul
I love music and i like to sing. i feel lucky to have the chance for continue study. If not i will probably be a singer right now.

9.Do not like hot weather
Seriously i cannot bear with hot weather. This is because it make me sweaty and not comfortable. Furthermore my skin were sensitive to hot sun and will become dark so easily.

10.Love beach so much.
This because when i look at the sea and the beach i will feel so calm and peace. All the troubles also will gone away. I also dream to make a wedding at beach.


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